Wednesday Wish List ( for me )


Pink Polka Dot Straws, DOES it get any sweeter??
An Ice Blue mixer ( must have in my dream kitchen) 
Good Morning mug ( Seen on my new current favorite show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Don't get me started. I could talk about this show all day, but I will not bore you ;)  Unless you want to talk about it too??)
Old Navy Womens Rubber Rain Boots( we are in the rainy season here in San Diego, now which color do I get?)


rustic rooster interiors said...

Love those straws & rain boots... They're party perfect!


Rory said...

I could tell it must be a gray and rainy chose bright cheery colors! I do that too!

PS It's going to be 65 in Arkansas tomorrow :)

Jennifer said...

Yep another day of Rain!! UGH!
I am glad you have a warm day to look forward to!
We need those boots today don't we? And the straws to cheer us up!!

Bree said...

I have yellow rain boots just like that... but I've never worn them beyond doing chores outside in the rain. I'd love to see how to style them for running errands.

Ashley and Nate said...

I love your wish list... maybe I'll do a little wish list blog of my own, because I do have a bday coming up. :) I'm pretty sure I could talk about the RH of Beverly Hills forever too... they're my favorite housewives so far. Which housewife's 'Good Morning' mug was that? I love it! :)

p.s. the pink rain boots are adorable

Tina said...

Love the rain boots in pink! It's a fun pop of color!

Jennifer said...

A girl after my own heart! Kyle was drinking out of it. The morning after the dinner party from hell.
Good luck with your BD wishlist!
I actually have a few more outfit posts with the boots coming!