Cost Per Wear

You guys know I am ALL about looking great for less! The key is how you do it. There are lots of deals out there I pass on, and there a some items in my closet I am willing to pay more for!

Back in college (my degree is in Fashion)we learned a formula (this is the only math I am good at).
This formula is called Cost Per Wear.

You take the cost of the item, divide it by the amount of times it is worn, adding in any maintenance cost (dry cleaning, laundering tailoring)

Dress on clearance $19.99
wore it once (1)
Dry-cleaned  ( $5)

$19.99/1+$5= $24.99 

Cost per wear $24.99 

Designer Jeans $150
Wear it once a week for 6 months (26)
washed every other wear  ($1.20)

$150/26 +$1.20= $6.97

Cost per wear $6.97 

So sometimes those "deals" aren't really deals
Think about this next time you are shopping :)


Alisa said...

You are so fantastic... thank you for all of your posts, and the service you provide!!!

Jennifer said...

THANK YOU!! You are fantastic too!
You seriously just made my day :)

Bride to Bridesmaids said...

I love that jacket. You motivated me to buy it! Thank you for the great post!

Ashley and Nate said...

I really like this post... it helps me justify buying the expensive jeans that I really like. I wear the heck out of them! :)