The Winter Look Book

The Winter Look Book is here!!
What is in it you ask?

The essential looks to get you through this season:
Party Attire/ Cocktail
Casual Attire
Family Photo Inspirations
Outerwear Options
Gift ideas for,  him, her and the little ones too.
Holiday entry, centerpiece and porch. 

We April made some cool improvements to this Look Book.
We have more improvements up our sleeves for the Spring Look Book. 
It turns out the way I was sending images to April wasn't ideal, and was making them fuzzy (my word not hers).

Me: Oh seriously, how cute is that skirt with those boots???
April: pixels, resolution, jpg, dpi
Me: (blank stare)

So this book has some clarity issues especially the gift pages,  I apologize for that but I have learned how to make it better next time.

The improvements is time:
April's Graphics 
All images are click-able and will send you to the website.
Family Photo collages  click on item description or image to go to the website.
When you pay, you will receive a link and download the book that way instead of getting it via email.

Please let me know what you think! I really value your opinion this book it for you after all.

Without Further Ado:
Winter Look Book  $5

1 comment:

Rory said...

I recognize that red dress for the girl...just saw it at Baby Gap tonight and thought about it for my 4 yr old. CUTE!