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Travel Segment

Where do you find these great items? To make your trip more organized and less stressful?

Eagle Creek Packing System  The Container Store 

Spill Proof Bottles The Container Store
Cosmetic Bag The Container Store
Sun Hat San Diego Hat Company 
Nylon Bag for Day trips $6.99
Scale The Container Store 
Travel Space Bags The Container Store 

Thanks To Kathleen Bade, Anchormom for having me back! 
To read more about this segment visit her blog.
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slip4 said...

What a great TV spot! Very helpful. Thanks.

slip4 said...

What a great TV spot! Very helpful. Thanks.

April said...

You did great girl! Love the information. :)

schwadette said...

Just had to let you know that I went out and bought the Eagle Creek system because of you!! :) DH is going to Germany and wants to pack a carryon - including his suit!! UGH! THANKS for your helpful advice... and all the wonderful outfit ideas on your blog!! :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah those systems are amazing! Did you see the packable garment bag? perfect for suits!
Thanks for reading.