Classic Summer Style


Navy Peasant Blouse Banana Republic $70
White Jeans Old Navy $27
Espadrilles Calypso celle $30
Earrings Anthropologie $28 
Soc.Chic Match Made in Heaven  Necklace  Jess LC $40
Handbag ASOS $42


Leslie said...

I love this! I just have to get to Old Navy to try on the jeans :).

claudia b said...

I love this set! It could go a hundred different ways with the accessories.

Rory said...

I was just thinking about white jeans today for a concert next week. In your opinion, if you are above a certain size, are white jeans a no-no?

Jennifer said...

Thanks ladies
Rory, any size can wear white jeans. For a slimming look try a white top as well.

Jesse said...


Angie said...

Well I already own the jeans so I don't have far to go to complete the outfit!! ;)

Jess LC said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Soc Chic necklaces on your blog! I love what you are doing with your consulting - great idea!

Jayne said...

You have great style! Keep it up. =)