Who wants to go to Mexico?

Wanna go to Mexico?

Dress Old Navy $29.50
Patterned Flip Flips Victoria's Secret $15.50
Travel Bag Amy Butler $260
Earrings Old Navy $9.50
Swim Suit Delias 
Books Roseflower Creek, 2EThe Girls: A Novel

So who wants to go relax in Mexico with me ?
We can lay by the pool and read all day.
I need it after my weekend.
Hope you all had an Amazing Mother's Day Weekend! 
Ours was a tad busy...

Surprise Party for a great friend Friday Night
Mr. SYL left for China Saturday morning
Sea World Saturday 
Saturday Night First Communion Party 
Said Goodbye to my Sister and her Husband Sunday a.m :(
Very yummy dinner with great friends Sunday night

Thank you SOOO much for all that bought the Summer Look Book. 
Wow, I am honored by the response!
Be sure and let me know if you haven't received yours...
I have had a few emails bounce back. 
Have not purchased it yet? It is still not to late 


Tiffani W. said...

I LOVE my summer style book!! I bought it on friday and went shopping on saturday and I got 3 new outfits using my guide! woo hoo!

Nikki said...

I'll go with you. I promise to get you a drink every time you wave your hand!

Summer look book? I must've missed this. Is it too late to buy?

Jennifer said...

WOW you are quite the traveling partner :) Sounds lovely.
As for the look book, nope it is not to late

Oh I am SOOO glad you liked it!! Yeah, Here is to a very stylish summer!