Really, I am serious about that Mexico thing

So where should we go??
You guys I am excited to tell you about this handbag designer I met 
way back when I went to L.A. Market... 
Her name is Amy, she lives in dreamy Santa Monica and has an Olympic family, pretty cool eh?
She so graciously offered the Style Your Life blog readers 25% off her bags!!
So run over to Amy Kathryn and check out her bags. They are animal and eco friendly too!
Oh and check out the celebrity's carrying them. Notice one star in particular,  from one of our favorite reality shows.... 

On to the outfit :

Swimsuit Delias $30
Hat San Diego Hat Company $45
Great Tote Perfect for the summer! Amy Kathryn $45
Flip Flops Victoria Secret $25


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

That tote is so adorable!

Jackie said...

Oh, go to Cabo, that is my favorite vacation spot in Mexico. I took a cruise that went to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo, and Cabo totally blew the others out of the water. Absolutely gorgeous there.

And I love those handbags, they are so fun!

Nikki said...

What is an Olympic family?

You should go anywhere on the Caribbean side! I was married on Isla Mujeres. Cutest little island off the coast of Cancun. Also love Akumal and Tulum further down the coast.

Nicki said...

Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas