Baby Shower Outfit

Lovely Jennifer is excepting a little boy. She purchased a virtual outfit for her baby shower.
This is what I came up with, her trouble areas are her legs and bum, but she still likes her chest and upper body. This dress is perfect for this body type! She is 5'6" and I gave her a heel.
If you are petite this dress can be too much fabric. Select a similar cut without the length.
And the solid all one color outfits slims, right?
Good Luck to you Jennifer and thanks!


sara@augustfields said...

cute set! :)

Anna Liesemeyer said...

how ironic...I wore a very similar dress to a baby shower when I was pregnant:)
Great choice!

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

Adorable! i am not sure if i look good in that but my little sister would
Btw i have a very first giveaway pls participate it will mean much to me~Love Deepali