In Honor Of Design Contest Last Day

In Honor Of Design 5

We are winding up another exciting giveaway week here at SYL. 
You will all have until Sunday at 5:00 PST to enter. I will announce the winner right here on Monday. 
Next week we are going to discuss the three basic body types and talk a little about dressing each one. 
So that should be fun and informative right?
By the way I loved all your music choices I want to check out a few of them, cause I hadn't heard of all of them :)  
 Dress Old Navy $29.50

White Skinny Distressed Jeans $54.50
Handbag Tory Burch $250

Belt Old Navy $16.50
Flats Payless Shoes $22.99
Necklace In Honor of Design Etsy Shop $8.50

Our last fun question this week....
Tell me about your family pet/s?
In the SYL home we have Paco our 12 year old (on April 25th) Chihuahua, and Madeline's cat Sally she is almost 7. 
We got Paco right before we got married and we adore him, although is not amazing with the kids.  
Sally catches lizards almost daily and brings them into the house to play with them. I have become a professional lizard wrangler, catching them and releasing them back into the wild (yard) ( this is not my favorite part of the day :) ) 
We so love our pets they bring a lot of joy and laughter into our home! I actually would love to get two more dogs, a Corgi and a Golden Retriever.  So now tell me about your pets!!


can it be serendipity said...

Another great look today, looking forward to the body type segment next week. I just bought white capris and think they can be dressing or casual.
I have a dog Ella golden retriever puppy. her real name is cinderella but cant bring myself to call her that my youngest who is 5 today started calling her Ella so we stuck with that. Our cats name is Peanut which is very funny since he ways 25lbs easy the runt of the liter is huge.

Charity Donovan said...

Love the look today!

Ummm...just have a soon to be 10-yr old chi -- BEST dogs on the planet! Breaks my heart a little each day to see our little man aging. Paco is so cute!!!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Great outfit!!! In our house we have a Whippet named ... Guinness Ingrid! I cannot take credit. My boys 10 and 12, well at that time 8 and 10 gave her the name. They have an uncle who names all his dogs after beer so they wanted to do that - and when we picked her up we were playing our Ingrid Michaelson CD and they felt it kep't her calm so they dubbed Ingrid her middle name. I could not have asked for a sweeter dog. She is either full speed in the yard or crashed out inside. My sister calls her my shabby chic dog because she is creamy white and tan with touches of pink on her face. I could go on and on so I'll stop here!

Celina said...

Our siberian husky Bandit is by far the most gentle animal I have ever owned. He is great with our kids and only barks when he has to go out to do his business.

Jaidean said...

We have an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier that we got before we were married/had kids and she was our baby and spoiled rotten. She does not care for the kids now that she does not get all the attention. Love her to death though even with all that energy!

Nikki said...

I have two demon dogs Issy (ridgeback boxer mix) and Charlie (a puggle). We just call them big dog and little dog. To date, Charlie has chewed up: my FIL's bathroom floor, multiple shoes and underwear, a bottle of Aleve, and a mattress. Issy can jump a six foot fence. We're scared to have kids ;)

I'm going to get that belt this weekend. Darling!

The Hunnicutts said...

I can't wait for next week's segment. We have one beautiful Irish Cream (white) Golden Retriever who is lucky my kids adore her since she's a sweet, loving pain in the butt!

Natalie said...

I <3 that top!! :) So cute! I have only ever had one pet (aside from a gold fish...which died) and it was a black and white cat named patches. I loved that cat! I hope to one day have another one of my very own! :)

Ashley, Ryan, and Liam Stinson said...

No pets for us right now... :( We are living in a town home and don't have the space, but maybe when we move into a home with a big yard! :)
Love the new outfit!

Melissa said...

love those shoes went to buy them today and couldn't find them...we have a dog...goldendoodle named ella...she is named because of my obsession for cinderella...she will be 5 years old this may and most days i think she thinks she is one of my kids...she is quiet the character and is always making us laugh

Tahlula said...

We have a 12 year old dog too. We got her during the beginning of our relationship. Her name is Buulii (which means "whirlwind" and at 12 she is still pretty active!) We also have 1 fish... whom we have found laying upside down in his tank on numerous occasions the past 2 years!

Jesse said...

We are petless so far. But I always say we don't have a pet, but we have twins. Keeps me busy enough for now. =)