Emersonmade= Must Have

One of my FAVORITE accessories is flower pins, right local friends?
Add them to a hoody, denim.jacket, handbag, shoes, hair..... I consider them a "must have".
If you are not a flower girl, find a great brooch for the same affect.
It is a very easy way to add some darling style and pizazz to any outfit!
And I am sure you have all seen the amazing website and blog of Emersonmade, from their amazing photography to their charming farmhouse, to their gorgeous product.
The only trouble with their site is you will want it all!!!
Have a delightful Easter and I will see you all back on Monday for day ONE of our April giveaway.

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ceo said...

I love the first flower pin... I am officially following...

Have a great weekend...


Nikki said...

I love everything about Emersonmade. Her house, her flowers...and her Husband. I wish my Husband would wear a flower pin and pose for photos. Okay I'd settle for pose for photos.

Natalie said...

I hadn't really thought about flowers. I know I've seen fabrics with lots of flowers one them. I love the first pic with the flower! So cute! I have a hat (that I am currently wearing)that has a flower on the side. Its pretty cute if I do say so myself! ;) (I will have to post it on my blog so you can see it!). Now, I am off to find a cute flower to add to my purse or jacket! :)

Natalie said...

I haven't thought a whole lot about flowers, but I have seen all the flowers on fabrics. :)I do have a hat (that I am currently wearing) that has a flower on it...and I have to say, its pretty stinkin' cute. I will have to do a blog post so that you can see it! I particularly love the first pic with the blue flower! So pretty!
(I tried posting earlier today, but my computer is on the fritz, so if you get this twice...I'm sorry!).
Have a great Easter!

Jesse said...

Too funny, I featured her site earlier this week too. Fabulous style! I really need one!

Kristine said...

Happy Easter!

I was just going to put on a flower pin the other day and wondered if it was ok...now I know it is!!! Yeah. Thank you for posting this.

These are beautiful.

Sandy a la Mode said...

i am in love with flower pins for hair and clothes, flower sashes, and flower shoe clips!! i have a box full of them hehe!!

la la Lovely said...

Love these.. so pretty and stylish!
x Trina