The Apple Figure Defined

What is it with the fruit references? I have no idea! But today is about the apple figure.
This happens to be my own body type. So I am pretty experienced at dressing this type.

Apples are larger on the top, larger shoulders, bust, stomach.
When we gain weight it is in our upper bodies. 
With smaller hips, legs and thighs.
So guess what we are going to play up? Our lower bodies

What to wear:
skinny jeans
jeans with embellished pockets
a-line skirts
straight skirts
pencil skirts
bias cut skirts 
v-neck tops
scoop neck tops
long cardigans
tank dresses
sheath dress
a-line dress

What to avoid:
crazy ruffled tops ( a little ruffle amount is fine)
crew necks
bulky sweaters
belts at your waist
50's style dress 
high waist bottoms
Skirts that are tight at waist then flare out
pants that are too tight and create a muffin top
basically anything that adds bulk to your upper body or puts the emphasis on it

Apple #1

Shorts Anthropologie $68
Tunic Tank Anthropologie $58
Wedge Sandals Target $24.99
Cuff Bracelet $64


Megan said...

Love those outfits! Ooh! I know the answer! The horizontal pockets! (haha... yay for pocket discussion!)

Go Play Louisiana said...

Love those shorts. Where are they from?


sealaura said...

i think this is me! keep the suggestions coming for apples. finally now that I am in my thirties I can appreciate knowing what to shop for and what to stay away from. not everybody can wear the same styles and that's ok. question : what is the best jean you have found for an apple shape?

Nikki said...

Why are all the necklaces I like +$50? *sigh*

Jennifer said...

I don't know :)
BUT the good thing about jewelry, you can wear it over and over and you don't have to wash it, LOL!!
Megan- YES!!
Go Play Louisiana
I added the links the shorts are Anthr
Apples are lucky as we can get away with most jeans, the secret to great fitting jeans is try every pair on, honestly that is the only way to find a pair you love. Then I buy 2. My favorites are Joe's Aniston ( they are at Anthropologie) I bought 2 pair.


Anonymous said...

OOOO, Yay for the post on apple bodies! This is my body type and I find that it's not as hard as I used to think to dress! Especially now, with tunics and flowy tops, I'm actually enjoying shopping a bit more. I do wish I could wear 50's vintage-style dresses, but it just doesn't work for me. But hey, I CAN wear leggings, and what's more comfortable than leggings? Nothing!