Shop Ruche

I know most of you are familiar with Shop Ruche, right?
Well Mia has OUT DONE herself with her latest look book.
She featured super chic and stylish pieces and you can click to buy each and piece.
Wait till you see. You be in love just as I am!
Run don't walk her products sell fast.
Locals don't forget to enter my contest below.

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Sandy a la Mode said...

yup, i'm a huge fan of shop ruche! this lookbook is stunning!

Nikki said...

Beautiful. It reminds me of what a grown up Alice in Wonderland would wear.

Natalie said...

I was going to start by saying, "oh! I love (insert piece)!", but then I would have listed every item that you posted! I do love the headband! Its amazing! I love the color and style!! :) I haven't been to this shop before, but now I think I have to stop by! :)

courteneykay said...

How cute!! I am headed over to check it out now!

courteneykay said...

Wow, their stuff does sell out fast! I went back just now to get a gray purse and a dress and the purse was already sold out!!