Michelle's Family Photos

We are on Spring Break at our house. The kids get three weeks off. We have some company coming in so we are going to be doing all the fun San Diego tourist stuff. Like Disney, Sea World, Wild Animal Park, the beach and some great shopping as well!! When my kids are home I really cut back my workload. I love their year round schedule with three month long breaks, instead of one three month break.  We all get a little break and feel refreshed and re-inspired! 
What are you planning on doing for your Spring Break?
Michelle hired me to help her select a dress to wear for family photos. She  sent me the location of the shot and said she wanted a vintage style dress.....
Well, I found so many great dresses I couldn't pick just one and ended up with four options!
So darling readers which one would you select if you were Michelle?

michelle pictures 2

Style Survivor Dress Modcloth $85
Craving Vintage Styles?
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the latest trends in indie fashion!

Pink Studio Wedge Sandals Endless $92
Free Overnight Shipping on Women's Shoes in sizes 4 to 16 at Endless.com
Floral Hairband Forever 21 $3.80

michelle pictures 3
Provencetown Dress Modcloth $55 
Craving Vintage Styles?
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the latest trends in indie fashion!

Wedge Shoes Target $23.99
Earrings Stella and Dot $34

michelle pictures 4

Green and White Striped Dress Shabby Apple $88
Dresses from Shabby Apple
Shoes Endless.com $89.85
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Earrings Stella and Dot $24


Anna Liesemeyer said...

fabulous combinations:) I love these dresses!!

ms. less is always more said...

they are all so cute and summery! my favorite is the 2nd option!

can it be serendipity said...

I love the first 2 combinations beautiful for photos for easter for a summer brunch, pretty much any event you can think of and the purple shoes, I see a trip to the store this week :)

Nikki said...

That modcloth dress...is right in my price range. Although I am lusting after that little purple number!

Christina said...

aLL OF THE dresses are adorable! I like the second one the best in terms of character. However, what is the rest of her family wearing? They should coordinate on some level yet not be matchy matchy. If I knew that, I'd be able to tell you which dress I'd pick.

Natalie said...

So all I have to say is that I am going to have to make a mad dash to payless. I NEED those shoes! ;) They are adorable and perfectly suited to me! :) I love that dress as well!! :)

Natalie said...

I like all of them, but if I had to choose one, the strapless mod cloth is beautiful!

Ashley, Ryan, and Liam Stinson said...

the 2nd option is my favorite!! the dress and the shoes are both to die for!!!!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

ohh these are alll soo fabulous! but i think i like number 1 the best for the the dress and the matched flowery shoes!

Rory said...

the purple is my fave!

Michelle and Heath said...

Thank you sooo much Jennifer!!! I can't wait...I actually did go with the second option (strapless modcloth) and just ordered the dress online...I can NOT wait for it to get here...its perfect! You are amazing! :) Now, to find the boys outfits to match...lol

Paula said...

You should post some ideas for kids outfits!! We are so limited to the places we can shop here in San Diego, since there are not a lot of boutiques, speciality stores (unlike Los Angeles), you need to shop on-line if you want something unique for them!

sealaura said...

i pick the second one. like these dark shoes.

Deepali Kalia Filling Spaces said...

Hey Jennifer : any reason why I am not receiving your post on my dashboard? I have you added on my list?
pls let me know,I miss your beautiful post!

Jesse said...

Love that purple dress!

Lauren said...

I love outfit number one or two!

Aire said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! We appreciate the support!
<3 Aire

VJ said...

Cute dresses! I especially love the provencetown dress!

The Hunnicutts said...

I love them all. I tried to buy two in my size, but they were sold out. Bummer!

Great choices!