Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are NOT flattering on everybody type.
If you have small legs, and hips. Go to town wear them everyday!
If you don't and you still love them?
I'd suggest wearing longer tops that cover your hips and upper thighs.
If you aren't sure then I'd say pass. You don't have to adopt every trend.
Our hire me, I'll tell you what works ;)

Being stylish has little to do with wearing the latest trend, and a LOT to do with
dressing in clothing that looks amazing on you!

Long Sweater (Wear belt over sweater at hip level) Old Navy $26.50
Skinny Distressed Jeans American Eagle $49.50
Skinny studded Belt J.Crew $35
Heels Delias $70
Handbag Target $25
Earrings Forever 21 $3.80
Essie Nail polish $8

1 comment:

Daniella said...

Skinny jeans are my go-to look! Love those little bow earrings too, cute!