Now and Later

Hope you all had a wonderful President's Day Weekend!
We had a nice warm weekend. We have been getting a lot of rain this winter, so it
was nice to get out and enjoy that nice California Sunshine.
I think we are all finally over the flu.
My daughter came down with it at Girl Scout camp, her poor leader. Boy do I owe her (right Vickie?).
For Valentine's Day we went for a long walk on the boardwalk as a family, and of course collected some shells for our ever growing seashell collection.
Brian and I went to on a very casual dinner, bookstore, movie date. Don't you love bookstore dates? I adore them.
We saw Valentine's Day. The movie was okay, however Jennifer Garner's wardrobe was precious. I definitely got some cute outfit ideas for the blog :)
So what about you? What did you do for the long weekend?

About this edition of Now and Later.
I own this dress is it darling belted with leggings and for $15 really you can't go wrong!


Dress Old Navy $15
Boyfriend Cardigan Nordstrom $78
Leggings Old Navy $15
Boots Piperlime $85
Scarf Forever 21 $6.50
Belt Target $11.89


Pretty Neat Designs said...

I'm jealous of the sunshine! Two great outfits, and what a bargain that cute dress is!

Rory said...

Don't you love movies with great wardrobes/sets? There are so many "pretty good" movies that I LOVE because of the clothes and/or the set. Someone should do a blog about that!

Jennifer said...

YES, there are movies I watch over and over because of the cute clothes and houses/sets!!