Now and Later

I decided to start a new blog category called "Now and Later" ....
It will feature a key piece that you can literally wear "Now".
And in another season "Later".
Let me know what you think!

Now #1

Dress (inspired by the cute Rory) Old Navy $30
Cardigan Old Navy $27
Tights Hue $13
Boots Piperlime $85
Handbag A Girl's Must Haves $40
Earrings Stella and Dot $53
Necklace Stella and Dot $59
Later #1

Perfect for a summer date night possibly in Mexico, ahh sounds fun :)!
Dress Old Navy (see above) $30
Sandals American Eagle $49.50
Turq Earrings Stella and Dot $79
Clutch Gussy $24


VJ said...

I like the "Now & Later" idea!

Melissa said...

Love this idea! What a great way to show off, side by side, how functional a wardrobe can really be...Thanks for such GREAT inspiration!

Tracy said...

Cool idea! And I love the clutch in the second outfit, nice find!

Rory said...

I'm glad you like the dress! I actually wore pretty much every piece (even the s&d earrings!!) of the "now" outfit to take my daughter to the dentist today! Guess I am more stylish than I thought.

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Love the now & later idea!!! fabulous!! and both outfit are great!! I can totally see myself wearing something like & later!