New Exciting Features coming and "What I wear"

Guess what? I am working on some really cool features for you!!
As you know I am considering doing an occasional short SYL video segment.
And it appears me teaching you styling tips is winning.
I am also planning doing some other features, discussing aspects of personal style that are as important as fashion!
Oh and next week we have a handbag giveaway.
So stay tuned for some exciting things happening at Style Your Life.

Today I put together a set called "What I Wear"
This outfit below I either own the pieces or own very similar pieces.
This is what I wear on a typical working day.
Anyone reading this who knows me, has seen me in this outfit.
I love this set because it is stylish yet a little more professional, the jacket dresses up jeans.
And the shoes add color and a little playfulness.
Obviously I am self employed, in a more creative industry so I have flexibility.
But this could be a great casual Friday set for some of you.
What I Wear

My All time favorite Jeans Joes Aniston Provacateur Anthropologie $178
(FYI These are a petite jean,no hemming :) )
Blazer Anthropologie sale $79.95
This jacket it perfect for petite ones as well. It hits right at/above the waist and is more fitted not boxy at all. A very feminine silhouette.
Simple Black Clutch Kate Spade $129
Perfect small bag for day or night never goes out of style.
Flats Target $24.99
Super cute and comfy too!
Sadie Chiffon Ruffle Blouse Forever 21 $23
Necklace from Stella and Dot $49
I love this simple necklace!


sara@augustfields said...

i'm really excited for your new features!!

this is a great set. totally classic. the purse is perfect!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

I love that outfit! How cute are you by the way?!? I'm also very excited for the new features that are coming :)

Pretty Neat Designs said...

Love the outfit, especially the cute and colorful shoes! The new features sound very exciting, can't wait.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

I am so pumped to see these new things happening on your blog! And it looks like we have similar taste on what we wear:)

VJ said...

I have those shoes too. I love them! I can't help be happy wearing such a fun color on my feet! =)

I am looking forward to your new features as well!