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Hello "style" readers My name is Sara come visit me at August Fields! I am so excited that Jen asked me to be a guest blogger for today! thanks jen. :)

As i am writing this post i have exactly one week until our company Christmas party. It's probably the one event a year, besides attending weddings, that i put the most thought into what i am going to wear. it's Christmas after all and with all the pictures that are taken it motivates my love for playing "dress up" even more.

Maybe it's the fact that i am home all day with my five beautiful blessings or maybe it's just "in" me....but i use date nights with my husband and dinner events as an excuse to actually take the time to put an outfit together! :)

I stumbled on Style Your Life earlier this year, became a follower, and check out the sight almost daily! I really appreciate (so much) that Jen puts AFFORDABLE and CUTE outfits together. Many times i have a similar piece of an outfit in my closet and Jen's suggestions give me fresh ideas of ways to wear it!

So, back to my one week countdown. I was perusing Style Your Life for ideas and this is what i have come up with so far, both from Modcloth. I ordered both because Modcloth has an easy exchange policy.
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Both are fairly modest, they don't scream college single but they don't scream married for ten years with five children either! Phewsh! :)

Style Your Life is my "GO TO" sight for inspiration on style. You can be sure that i will be perusing the sight for accessory ideas!

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Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

I too check in here daily! I'm a mom to 2 toddlers & I completely feel you when you say you don't want to look like you have kids at home & have been married for years and years!

I love both dresses, but I really hope the one on the right fits like a glove! It is a fabulous party dress! Thanks for sharing!!