National Stay In Your PJs Day


Wait, you have never heard of it?
Well don't you think there should be a "National Stay in Your PJ's Day"?
I tried so hard on this past Monday and I had to go out to an evening meeting.
But this Saturday I am at it again ( I don't give up that easily).
I am participating in "National Stay In Your PJ's Day"
How about you??
T-Shirt Forever 21 $11
Hoodie Sweatshirt $20
Heart Lounge wear bottoms Old Navy $16.50
Flip Flops Old Navy $5
Lavender Pillows $18


Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Oh that would be amazing! My kids get to wear their PJs all day all the time & I'm envious! I am lucky though that I get to dress business casual to work - no slacks for me :)

Kristine said...

This is a regular thing at my house...I probably do this too often!