Melissa Guest Post

Hi! I’m Melissa from Orange County.
I’m a happy wife and mom to two cute little boys (2 and a monstrous half and 8 months).
I teach high school in Anaheim.
Before school started I hired Jen to design some work outfits for me, and I loved them.
She did great, and I’ve been stalking her blog ever since.
I was so excited and honored when she asked me to be a guest blogger, but I was nervous.
After all, I have to hire someone to dress me. What do I know about style?
I started thinking, what’s stylish about me?
Then I realized my two babies dress better than I do.
They’re truly the most stylish ones in our house, which is no easy feat.
You know this is true if you’ve ever compared the boys section of the store to the little girl’s section. Cool boy clothes are hard to find.
We are defiantly not the preppy Children’s Place type.
Gap is pushing it. You’ll never find my boys in Christmas sweaters or ties.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we’re much more a Quiksilver shirt & flip flops type of family.
Where do I find my loot?
Some of my favorite retailers are,, Macy’s and Nordstrom .
I also love that I can buy brand names like Quiksilver, Hurley, and Oneil at discounted prices at TJ Max, Ross, and Marshalls.

Here’s two California winter looks my boys will sport this season:


Erin Tukua said...

Love it Melissa! You boys are always so stylish! Love their California surfer boys look!

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Thanks for sharing! My 4 year old is always looking super stylish in her skinny jeans & boots. However, styling my 2 year old son is always the struggle. There is so much for the little girls, and the little boys is either really boring, or really preppy. He's a wild child so neither work. I'll have to check out those links - I also LOVE TJ Maxx!

OcMomma said...

Love the outfit you showed.. I already have that jacket for my little guy!

The Jones Family said...

I love your style! Keep blogging, your doing great.

JenneCook said...

I love the outfits. Perfect for the surfer/skater CA boy!

Mauid102806 said...

Love the outfits, Melissa! We definitely have the same taste in clothing for our boys ;)