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Hey everyone! My name is Kell and I'm the owner of the snarky little makeup & beauty blog called When Jennifer asked me to do a guest post for her, I was really excited - especially given the time she would be needing the post. It's the new year and all of us ladies are going all Obama style and thinking about some changes we can make in our daily lives to make 2010 the best it can possibly be. Being the makeup and beauty obsessed chick that I am - I start thinking retail. Now for those of you who have never read me - I am all about a bargain and getting stuff that is both versatile and freakin' cute. So getting onto my point [slowly but surely] - I am going to share with you my list of 5 must haves for 2010. Everything from makeup to accessories to clothes. So whip out your notepads and get ready to take notes, girls. Class is now in session:

Lash Blast Mascara by Cover Girl - If you're constantly buying a new mascara trying to finally find one that actually does something except coat your lashes in black crap... you have met your match. Lash blast is my swear by mascara and I think I recommend it to every person I meet, including men. Just kidding. Kind of.
Black Leggings - I was anti-leggings for awhile. I don't know what it was, but they reminded me of 5th grade and I couldn't get past that. Thankfully, I've come to my breaking point and I think everyone needs to own a good pair of black leggings. They go with everything from basic tunics to cute dresses - so there we have it: one hell of a versatile item. Plus anything that allows me to wear my cute dresses to work even when its 23 degrees outside is cool with me :)
Black Cardigan - Recently I became obsessed with Yahoo! Answers & I can't tell you how many times I read the question "What do I wear a cardigan with?" The real question here is what don't you wear a cardigan with. Like the leggings, you're going to be able to dress a cardigan up or down, so it's going to definitely be a staple. Plus that cute tank top you thought you could only wear in the summer? Throw that cardigan over top and you're ready to rock and roll January - March, too, baby ;)
Versatile Lip Gloss - There's nothing better than knowing no matter what you're wearing, you can reach into your purse and pull out a fantastic lip gloss that will instantly brighten up your look. The key here is to choose something with a neutral color. One of my favorites is a gloss by "Jesse's Girl" called Liquid Crystal. It has an irridescent quality to it so that it'll pick up on the colors in your outfit and instantly match! You can pick it up on the Jesse's Girl website.
Headbands! - Headbands have recently become my newest obsession and I love that they're one of the most versatile accessories I own. When my hair is down, I pop one in, pair it with a little hairspray, and push it back slightly and boom - instant volume. When I'm having a crappy hair day and I need to pull my hair into a low bun, I can put one in to add a little bit of spunk to an otherwise boring hair-do. With packs of 3 available at places like forever21 for $2.50 - you have no excuse not to have them in your arsenal!
So there we have it. 5 of my must have items for you in 2010. If you're lacking in one of these departments, be sure to spend that Christmas money on some of these little numbers. You'll be surprised at just how much you'll use them throughout the year. Just ask my black cardigan. She's sick of me.

See you guys around blogger & enjoy your vacation, Jenn!


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Erin said...

If I was going to do a top 5 list, these exact same things would be on mine right now! Definitely going to have to check out that Jesse's Girl gloss!