Wedding Rehearsal Set


This set is for a a delightful young professional who needed an outfit for a friends rehearsal dinner.
A good wrap dress is flattering on most body types, it is classic piece that will be in style for many years.

Wrap Dress Banana Republic $132
Sheer Tights Banana Republic $15
Shoes Nine West $99
Bag Nine West $79
Earrings Forever 21 $4.80
Necklace Forever 21 $8.80

Open Comments Answered

These are the answers to my Open Comments Post,
if you still want to ask questions please feel free!
I will edit this post to add any additional answers.
Thanks to everyone that took the time to post a comment or question.

1. A lot of the items you feature are sold out or are limited in sizes.

Answer: I know this is a common problem, and I really am very sorry about that.
Sadly, I have no control of the stores inventory.
I have hundreds of readers a day plus all the people that are just out there shopping.
There is no way the store is going to have the inventory to supply every blog reader plus their regular customers. I usually do my posts at 7:00 am PST. If you really want to purchase the items I feature, you could check Style Your Life first thing every morning. And really what a great way to start your day ;)
However, as I mention in my Virtual Outfit Post, if you purchase an outfit from me I send you the collage before I post it on my blog that should give you the opportunity to purchase the pieces first.

2. I am pregnant and would love to see some maternity stuff - especially regular clothes that could have a dual function seems with styles these days it doesn't have to be from Pea in the Pod.

Answer: I have done a few maternity sets that were purchased as virtual outfits. But I haven't had too many requests, yet. If you have specific need, you can purchase a virtual outfit and I will make sure your needs are met!

3. Is this targeted at budget fashion? I notice a lot of F21, Charlotte Russe, Payless, and Target. I personally don't care for the quality of some of those stores much (and junior cuts) and I definitely don't go too budget on shoes based on bad experiences. Would love to see some more middle of the road stuff.

Answer: I am targeting affordable fashion. Most sets I feature on the blog are virtual outfits purchased by blog readers. I work within their budget, their store likes and dislikes, their body types, etc.
You can always take the outfits I am publishing and look for similar pieces at Nordstrom, Anthropology, Kate Spade, etc. I am just here for the inspiration. Keep in mind that you don't have to purchase the exact item from the exact store. Make a shopping list from the posts and look for similar items in your favorite stores!

4. I appreciate a good bargain, I would also like to see some splurge worthy classics or staples that are worth the money. I tend to get basics that are better quality and then add in pieces from F21, Target, Old Navy, etc.

I have done a few of these posts, one item I recommend splurging on is Designer Jeans .
I will try to do a few more posts specifically mentioning "splurge worthy" pieces!

5. I am a larger size than most of the people you style, so it would be nice to see some items available above a 14 and/or that would flatter my figure!

Answer: If you have a specific need, I would love to work with you. The large majority of my posts are for specific customers. I am doing the sets based on their size, body type, budget etc.
I have done a few for sizes 14 and up however I don't usually mention people's sizes in the posts.

6. As far as interiors, I would love it if you would give us some holiday ideas. Like pick a few different themes and show us what's available to buy for those names.

Great feedback! That would be fun, thanks for the idea!

Fun Stuff

7. how old are you?

I am currently 36 but will be 37 on October 25th

8. what is your favorite pair of jeans?

My current favorite are my petite Provocateur Joe's Jeans

9.what's your favorite book?

Answer: Anything by Elizabeth Berg!
I love reading, so if you guys ever want to recommend a good novel please share!

10. do you have a favorite coffee drink

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

11.With fall here (hopefully to stay), I'd like to transition some of my short sleeve and sleeveless tops/dresses into fall. Can you recommend a very thin long sleeve tee to wear under these pieces? I will need the basic colors: white, black, brown etc.

Answer: I have some tissue tees I purchased mine at Target however, Gap has some "layering tees". I'd also check American Apparel (they run small).

Open Comments

First I want to say thank soooo much for all the sweet comments
and amazing emails you guys send me, wow!!
You are very kind to little old me.
I am having one of those weeks where I can barely keep my head above water.
Gotta love it!
I look forward to November, hopefully life will slow down a little by then.
So today I thought I'd try to do something different...
I wanted to have a chance for you to ask me any questions, make any comments or suggestions,
etc, etc. If there is something special you'd like me to post about or anything different you'd like to see, or even if you have a personal question for me here is your chance...
Also I am curious who is out there reading my blog... If you want to just say "hi" and tell me about you, I'd love that too!!
I will answer or address all the comments I receive.
Thanks to all of your for reading my blog.

Master Bedroom Design

So do you all remember Drew the amazing photographer in OC?
She recently hired be to do two more rooms.
Below are her Master Bedroom after photos.
I hope she loves this room as much as I do!
She loves the look of the Viceroy hotel so it was my inspiration.

FYI this is what you get for a virtual design
The 3D floor plan below and the collage showing the items
I suggest you purchase for the room.
Drew already ownsthe bed, night stands, dresser, TV, and duvet cover.
Drew Bedroom

Pencil Skirt


Pencil Skirts are great if you want to show off your curves.
If you don't like your hips and legs this is not the skirt for you.
If you are petite, I'd recommend having on hemmed to just above your knees.
As this is a much more flattering look for us little ones :)
If you are the lucky tall ones and have nice long legs wear them just below your knees.

So why get this outfit and surprise your significant other with a little date night.

Military Button Pencil Skirt Charlotte Russe $23
Polkadot Ruffle Halter Charlotte Russe $18
Patterned Tights Charlotte Russe $6.99
Shell Dangle Earrings Charlotte Russe $4

Charlotte Russe Homepage Banner

Ruffle Peep Toe Pumps Payless Shoes $25

Cocktail Party


It is reunion season! This is another set requested for a college reunion.
I am actually going to my husband's 20th reunion next week. So I will be joining
all you ladies in the hunt for the perfect outfit.

Tiered Tank Dress $44.99
Gold Pumps $37.00
Gold Clutch Forever 21 $8.50
Leaf Earrings Forever 21 $2.80
Cuff Bracelet $19.99

San Francisco Set

This set is for another darling blog reader.
I have the cutest blog readers!! All of you are so cute!

So Cheryl is going to San Francisco with her friends and asked
me to help her. This is what I came up with, what do you think?
San Fran

Skinny Jeans Old Navy $29
Ribbon Tee J. Crew $29.99
Boyfriend Cardigan J. Crew $59.99
Ballet Flats Target $12.99
Fringe Bag Old Navy $25
Skinny Belt J.Crew $14.99
Enamel Rings Forever 21 $4.80

Italy Jean Options

Hey everyone! This is the last Italy post.
Abby already owns the jeans so I made outfits from all the other pieces.
Jeans really go with everything so the options are endless.

#2 Italy

Italy #3

Italy 2a

Italy 2b

Italy Continued Grey Pants 3 Ways

This is day two of Abby's sets for Italy.
Today is Grey pants three ways.
Again mixing and matching all the pieces from the 5 sets she purchased.
I will post all the details later today!
#4 Italy

Italy 4b

Italy 4c

A trip to Italy Black Skirt Three Ways

Recently Abby a young mom that lives in Chicago,
and loves the urban lifestyle.
She her husband and one year old enjoy lakefront walks, museums, and eating a sidewalk cafes.
A hip young family.
They are headed to Italy and Abby wanted some clothing options
She purchased 5 sets here is the first outfit done three ways.
#5 Italy
Black Twill Skirt Old Navy $15
White V-Neck Old Navy $7.50
Scarf Old Navy $12.50
Ecco Flats Nordstrom $76.90
Grey Handbag $45
Bangles Forever 21 $5.80
Earrings Forever 21 $3.30

Black Skirt (see above)
Grey Flutter Sleeve Old Navy $12.50
Grey Bag (see above)
Black Flats ( see above)
Silver Cuff Bracelet Forever 21 $8.80
Black Beaded Necklace Forever 21 $8.80

5c italy
Black Skirt (see above)
Embroidered T-shirt J. Crew $29.99
Grey Bag (see above)
Black Tie Cardigan Anthropologie $39.95
Red Patent Flats Target $22.99
Gold Cuff Braclet Forever 21 $5.80
Scarf (see above)

Contest Winner

michelle HS

This set is for the virtual outfit contest winner.
Michelle has her 10 year reunion in October.
This set is perfect for her coloring brown hair, olive skin, hazel eyes (my exact coloring too).
It will also show off her favorite features and hide her least favorite area.

Dress Nordstrom $49
Patent Pumps Target $26.99
Jewel Earrings Kate Spade Nordstrom $38
Clutch Target $39.99
Enamel Floral Ring Forever 21 $4.80

Don't we?

don't we?
Modern Mom's do Rock.
We juggle work, families,husbands, and households.
Then we still find time to look great.
Well you want to look great at least right?
Looking good has a large impact on your success, happiness, relationships, etc.
If you look better you feel better and that will effect every aspect of your life.
So modern Mom, take a few extra minutes everyday and give your self the gift of looking like you rock.
At least fake it no one else will know, I promise;).

Moms Rock T-Shirt $28
White Long Sleeve T-shirt Old Navy $15
Distresses Jeans Old Navy $35

Conductor Cap Target $9.99
Ruffled Ballet Flat Payless Shoes $22.99
Fringe Bag Meet Marc $32.00
Flower Petal Earrings $4.80

Bohemian Set

Bohemian Set

I am swamped sorry for the late post today.
Hopefully I will have some virtual sets ready to show off in the next day or two!!
I have a new client I am meeting with today, I love that. So much fun starting new projects, isn't it?

Missioula Dress Modcloth $55
10% Off Vintage Fashion

Enter code "Affiliate10" for 10% off

Any order at ModCloth!

Wanted Boots Turbo Grey Piperlime $80
Denim Jacket Old Navy $30

Anthropologie Bag $49.95
Initial Necklace Urban Outfitters $18

Fall Porch Look For Less

Fall Porch

I am a HUGE sucker for Fall and Halloween.
I think it has a lot to do with the fact my Birthday
is in October. Fall is so gorgeous and cozy too (not so much here).
But we lived in Michigan for five years and I miss those
beautiful Autumns.

So saying all this, I get really into fall decorations.
I already have enormous potted mums on my porch,
and I am on the hunt to finish the look.
Well I found this photo in the Pottery Barn
catalog/website and thought it would be perfect.
However; I love a deal and wanted to see if I could do
the same look for less. I discovered I could and
I thought you all might like to see it too...
I hope you like it as much as I do.

Pottery Barn Leaf Garland $24
(theirs is 60" and the cheapest)
Lantern 17" Ikea $15
Lantern 11" Ikea $6.99
Candles Ikea $9.99
Lighted Grapevine Pumpkins Target 17" $30
Grapevine Pumpkin Target 8" $9.99
Urns Lowes $40
The urns you can use all year, pot evergreens in them after Thanksgiving.
Then flowers in the spring/summer.
2 Crows Oriental Trading Company $14.99
Decorative Pumpkins, Micheal's,Hobby Lobby, or your local craft store.
Now if any of you actually do this, you have to send me pictures okay?

this is a little different then my normal posts so if you like it
please leave a comment and maybe I will do it again!

Virtual Outfit Questions and Answers

I get a lot of emails asking about the virtual outfits so I thought I should probably do a post about them :)!
Here is how it works:

1. If you live anywhere in the US yes, I can help you! (this is only because of the stores I am familiar with and shipping issues)

2. The outfits are $10 each or (a steal, right?) you click the little yellow Paypal Button and put the amount of outfits you'd like to purchase into your Paypal cart. Make sense so far?

3. I will then send you a questionnaire about your body type, coloring, your lifestyle, what you want the outfits for, budget, etc, etc.  ALL information has to be on this questionnaire, if you send me three different emails with bits and pieces of information I could miss something, and I don't want to miss anything :) I want to deliver you outfits that you love and meet all your needs!

4. I will put the sets together and send them to you first. I may post them on my blog. The reason I send them to you first? The outfits I post frequently have pieces that sell out so I'd hate to send you a set when items are no longer available. I will not share your photos unless I ask first ( I rarely do this).

5. You look awesome and all your family and friends love your new looks!
You tell them about me and they come purchase their own virtual outfits.

6. This process takes a minimum of two/three weeks if you are in a time crunch please let me know before purchasing. Then I can let you know if I will have time to get your sets completed :)

7. Your order in "line" is posted at the right had column under virtual services. 
You are put into the "line" as soon as I receive your questionnaire and photos back.Not when you purchase. 

8. I only sell 50 outfits per month, when they are sold out they are sold out! 
no exceptions.

* Super-sized outfits requires two or more outfits, it is not possible to super-size one outfit. Super-size is mixing and matching outfits which requires more then one outfit to mix and match the pieces. 


I can't say enough about my experience with you/your blog.  The virtual outfits you created for me are PERFECT!
I am so amazed that you were able to put something together for me with no picture, and very little information.
You nailed it!!!  I can't wait for more!!!  Even my three daughters (ages 7, 9 and 16) are begging me to have you do something for them.
You will be hearing from me again - soon and often!!!!!

Thanks again.

WOW, I "LOVE" THE OUTFITS, LOVE THE PURSE, JEWELRY, SHOES!   I feel like I have a gazillion outfits!!!!!  
 A big thank you hug!
Thank you soooooo very much, I am excited!

I needed a style boost and this was it! 
This was so fun to have you put together outfits. 
I will be doing this again with you and suggesting it to friends.

I am definitely wowed.
This will make my trip to Italy stylish and make me feel a little more smart and savvy ;-)
I am shopping ASAP!

and again thank you.

All communication will be via email. If you live in San Diego and you want to hire me to physically shop for you, or want to schedule a phone appointment I will charge you my standard hourly rate. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for "delivery" of your virtual sets.

Transitional Dress Set


This set is great for these awkward it is not
Fall yet, and Summer is over days.
Great for work, or if you get to go out
for drinks and dessert with a friend
after back to school night ;).

Dandelion Dress Modcloth $79

10% Off Vintage Fashion
Enter code "Affiliate10" for 10% off
Any order at ModCloth!

Shoes ( they are so cute the whole reason for this post) Target 24.99

Earrings Nest Pretty Things $24.00

Floral Clutch $13
Criss Cross Cuff Bracelet $4

Both at Charlotte Russe

I hope everyone has a great weekend.
Come back and see me next week, okay?

Another Vest Set


Gap Trouser cut Jeans $60
White T-shirt Gap $10
Cord Vest Old Navy $24.50
Hobo Bag Payless $30
Pumps Piperlime $79
Bracelet American Eagle $13
Necklace Modcloth $16
Fresh Lipbalm ( the best !!) Sephora $23

Birthday Party Weeekend Final


These are the last two sets for Victoria
for the tennis and spa portion of the
40th Birthday Party weekend.

Tennis Skort Target $20
Outrun Tank Athleta $34.99
Victory Visor Athleta $20

Water Bottle Target $13

Pool Spa
Athleta Swim Suits are the bomb!!
I am serious. They are made for activity and comfort.
Trust me you'll love them!
I try to buy them on sale, cause they are a little more expensive (for good reason).
One other thing I love is ,you can get them all year.
So when you plan that get away in February when you just can't take the cold
anymore, they will have a swim suit waiting for you :).

Swimsuit top Athleta $19.99 (was $54)
Swimsuit bottom Athleta $19.99 (was $49)
Athleta swimsuits are sold as separates, so you can mix or match. Find the perfect fit at - Shop now.

Flip Flops Old Navy $3.50
Assorted Reading Material....

Birthday Party Weekend #2

Dinner Party

I will be back to post about this outfit later, it is Back To School
in our house this a.m :)
Okay I am back remember our friend Victoria that is going to
the 40th Birthday Party?
This is another set for her.

Petite Seven Jeans Dojo Nordstrom $155
Ruffled Tank $22
Pearl Necklace $7.99
Both Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe Homepage Banner

Clutch Target $40
Wedge Pumps Payless $19.99
Faux Pearl Earrings Forever 21 $3.80

If you live in the area Sitter Socials has a free car seat safety event coming up!

The Virtual Outfit Winner

The winner of the virtual outfit contest
was comment #5
Michelle and Heath said...

This is great!! I love your site!! I am a new mom of a 3 month old and am getting ready to attend my 10 year high school reunion! I of course, want to look my best and would love some help! :) Thank you!

So Michelle if you'd be so kind as to email me when you see this, I will send you the questionnaire, and we can get started.

Thanks to everyone that entered!! I wish you could all win :)

Virtual Outfit Giveaway Reminder

Don't forget to enter today
Enter by 9 pm PST winner selected at random
For custom virtual outfit just for you!

Birthday Party Weeekend

My friend Victoria, recently hired me to help her shop for
her friends 40 birthday party at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

She wanted:
Pool/spa set
Hotel Arrival
Private Catered Dinner Party

Here is her first set
Vickie Arrival #1

This is either for the dinner party or hotel arrival.
Dress Anthropologie SALE $49.95
Zebra Clutch Target $39.99
Sandals Payless (remember the Bogo) $19.99
Necklace Charlotte Russe $7.80
Faux Pearls Forever 21 $3.80

Payless Shoes BOGO


Right now at Payless Shoes they have Buy One Get One 1/2 Price.
Thanks to Vickie for the scoop.
These are my favorites.
Please don't forget to enter the contest!!

Do Not Wear These Together

Anthropologie Sale

Anthropologie is having a REALLY good sale, hurry before it is all gone!!
I just bought most of those items above, shhh don't tell my husband.

Football Season

Football Season

Don't you love the start of the school year and the beginning of Fall?
The changing leaves and the crispness to the air.
The Football games? Know don't get me wrong I am not a huge
sports fan...
I just remember back in college that came along with the fresh start
a new year. Coming back after missing your friends all summer.
New classes, clothes, school supplies, new roommates.

This set was inspired by those days, an outfit to wear to a Football game.

Gauze Scarf Old Navy $10
Jeans Diva Distressed Old Navy $34.50
Sweater Gap $44.50
Bag Lucky Brand Piperlime $178
Flats Target $19.99
Bracelets Hollywood Intuition for Target $9.99

Don't forget about the contest.

Kmart for Fall

Kmart Fall

Remember back in the Spring when we saw that Kmart actually had some
cute pieces?? Well then did it again for Fall! I will be featuring several this week.
Hey gals don't forget to enter the contest for the virtual outfit you have until Sunday.

Seven Jeans $154

Platform Pumps $89
Platform pumps are a new and very hot trend for fall.
Hobo Bag $168
Black T-Shirt Old $13

Tweed Jacket Kmart $25
Key Necklace (Tiffany inspired for 1/10th of the price) Forever 21 $4.80
Pearl Cluster Ring Forever 21 $4.80