Back to School

Back to School

Even though my kids summer just started. I know most people are starting to
get ready to go back to school. These are some of my favorite back to school items. :)

My Dad Rocks Chasing Fireflies $26
Kindergarten is cool Chasing Fireflies $30
Max has this T-shirt and loves it.
He wore it all year,said he is going to wear it
until he is in college.
Peace and Plaid Backpack Justice $35
Peace Backpack Pop Deluxe $50
Days of the week barrettes Twine $38
MY FAVORITE kids books, seriously soo good. $26.95

Have a stylish weekend!!

Designer Jeans

Summer NIght

Not sure if I have talked about designer jeans yet?
They are another MUST HAVE. Perfect in so many situations,
as they are dressier then just plan old denim.
The key is the spandex, great fit, and fun pockets.
You can go to Nordstrom and try on every designer and see which size
you are as they typically run in 24, 25, 26, 27...
instead of the sizes we are used to. See which designer fits you best
and really this should be a splurge item.
There is a formula I learned in school called "cost per wear".
You basically figure out how much of a value a clothing item really is.
The price divided buy the times you wear it plus any maintenance cost.
So you buy the $200 dollar jeans and wear them once a week for a year
200/52 that is only $3.84 a wear,
and trust me you will wear them that much!
Nordstrom will hem them for you for free if you need that too.

BUT ladies I just found out Charolotte Russe is carrying Seven Jeans??
I am not going to say they are as good at the $200 version ( probably aren't)
FOR $39.99 I am willing to give them a shot :)

Seven Jeans Charlotte Russe $39.99
Pink Satin Blouse Charlotte Russe $22

Charlotte Russe Homepage Banner

Bracelets Ruche $15
Metallic Ballet Flats Express $30
Chandelier Earrings Juicy Couture at Nordstrom $88
Clutch J.Crew $79.99

Family Photos/ Girls

melissa girl

The Girls outfits.

Tutu Skirts Old Navy $16.50
Embellished T-shirts Gap $14.99
Butterfly Sandals Target $14.99
Glitter Headband Gap $7.50

Family Photos/Mom

Melissa Photo

This is an outfit requested by Melissa she and her family are having photos taken
and kindly asked me for help in dressing her and her two daughters.
These are the outfits I came up with I hope you love them Melissa!

Swiss Dot Dress J.Crew $49.99
Sandals Piperlime $49.99
Necklace Nest Pretty Things $32

I will have the girl's outfits up for tomorrows blog post.

Oh do I need Yoga...


These next two weeks are going to be very busy.
Kids are home with me for summer, which just started for them.
So we have our daily trips to beach, free summer matinees, etc.
My design class is coming to an end, two tests and an actual design project due.
Plus work! I love it all, and can't really complain.
But I will be a happy lady August 6th, when we head on a
mini vacation to Las Vegas.

In the mean time I need yoga!!

Chakra Tank Athleta $49
Yoga Shorts Athleta $34
Mat Athleta $22
Stainless Steel Water Bottle Pottery Barn sale $6.99
Tote Bag Old Navy Sale $4.99

Summer Favorites

Summer Favorites

The pieces in today's collage are my absolute favorite summer
"must have pieces".
They are all so comfortable, stylish, and inexpensive.

This great knit skirt, seriously so cute and SO comfy.
You can buy them at Old Navy $15,
but I hear Target has them this season too.

Ribbed tanks, I don't know what I'd do with out them.
I wear them all year as layering pieces and in the summer alone.
You can find them everywhere,
I highly recommend buying them in lots
of colors! Solid and patterned.
Old Navy $8.50

Havaianas only the most comfy flip flop,
those Brazilians know how to make a flip flop!
Gap has them this summer,on sale now $11.99
For a better selection Havaianas also has a website.

Lastly a simple accessory to complete your carefree summer look.
My current favorite is this "make a wish" necklace.
Jennifer Aniston wears a similar necklace in
my favorite movie, "he's just not that into you".
My personal favorite Dogeared version is much less expensive $54.

Have a stylish weekend.

Entertaining at Home


This outfit was put together for a local friend that is having
some old friends over for an evening at home.
This set is simple and elegant without being over the top and it is comfy.
Lose flowing pants are dressier and the linen keeps you cool.
The statement piece of the outfit is the great embroidered blouse
from Anthropolgie, of course. With this great top simple jewelry is best.

Linen Pants Gap $54.50
Embroidered Blouse Anthropologie $98
Silver and Gold Necklace Sogno $36
Silver Cuff Bracelet Forever 21 $6.80
Beaded Flip Flops Ann Taylor $29.99

Cheyenne Fontier Days


In honor of Cheyenne Frontier Days,
Where I spent many a fun summer weekend in college.
Perfect for any local fair/rodeo
or perhaps a night country swing dancing?
Would have been perfect for Kappa Barn Dance too.
Dress Charlotte Russe $29
Boots Charlotte Russe $40
Necklace Charlotte Russe $9.99

Charlotte Russe Homepage Banner

Bag Ruche
Hat Lands End $49.50

Another Summer Evening


A while ago I posted a summer evening dress outfit.
Someone requested one for those with larger chests as well.
Today I am finally getting about to that one.
You can wear this set with or without a large chest.

Dress Old Navy $29.50
Jean Jacket (must have piece) Old Navy $16.99
Darling T-strap Sandals Old Navy $12.99
Necklace with Enamel Charms Target $19.99
Earrings by Juicy Couture $48

Class Reunion

Lisa Class Reunion

It is class reunion season, and you can't just wear anything right?
You need a special outfit that you love and makes you feel confident.
You'll look great, and feel great so you will have a great time!
And that guy that blew you off will see what they missed out on, right ;)?
If you don't have a reunion to go to, this set is perfect for any cocktail party.
And we all need a little black dress, another must have piece.

A blog reader and fellow San Diegan requested a cocktail dress for her 20th reunion.
Lisa I hope you love your set, and it inspires you. Have a wonderful time at your reunion!

Little black dress J.Crew was $98 now $78
Strappy Sandals Banana Republic $140 now $41.97
Pearl Necklace Anthropologie $58
Clutch $16.99

only $195 for a stop them in their tracks set.

A little Workout

a little run

So I have to tell you I am not the fittest person out there.
But I do try and get some exercise in everyday. It is great for the
creative juices, your self esteem and your body.
But of course I believe you should look cute while exercising!
If you have a cute workout set, it will help motive you to exercise, no?

I found these super cute Dolphin shorts at Target so soft, great length.
Lots of colors, go look for yourself. They look like high school P.E shorts
and typical Target prices only $12.99

White tank also C9 at Target $14.99


Ipod (I have to listen to music for walking or running what about you?)

Hairbands Athelta $8.00

Cute Water Bottle very important to stay hydrated and those disposable ones
are terrible for the environment! Modcloth $22.99

Have an awesome weekend and thanks for coming by :)

Peace Love and Boyfriend Sweaters

So we have talked about how these long tops are great for short-waisted people.
They are also slimming on the rest of us, if they are not tight!
If they are tight it will have the opposite effect.
I love these long sweaters, my boyfriend cardigans are some of my favorite pieces.

Skinny cropped Jeans American Eagle $39.95
Button Front Boyfriend Sweater Vest Old Navy $24.50
Peace Bracelet Couture Candy $60
Silhouette Pendant $60
Pebble Beach Wedge Modcloth $27.99
10% Off Vintage Fashion
Enter code "Affiliate10" for 10% off
Any order at ModCloth!

Happy 9th Birthday Madeline

Happy Birthday

All my love to my big,little girl. I can't believe you are 9 today.
I am so proud of you. You are an amazing young lady.
Happy Birthday Madeline! You are going to have a wonderful day.

Sweet Dress

sweet dress set

Well I have already been at work today, setting up a little store front for a client/friend at Westfield UTC, Doodlebug Designs.
Her space looks great if you live in the area
stop by this week and get your kiddo's hand prints done.
She is right by the fountain outside the food court.
My camera battery was dead, but I do plan on getting out there to take photos.

Okay so today's FRESH outfit
Lancelot Dress French Connection $99.99
Summer must-haves at French Connection!
Beaded Sandals Piperlime $140
Pom Pom Pouch Anthropologie $44
Pinwheel Ring Anthropologie $19.95
Earrings Nest Pretty Things $32

Denim Skirt Set 2


This set is for a lunch date, fun night out with old friends, or even a afternoon shopping.
With the must have denim skirt again

Denim Skirt American Eagle $39.50
Petal Cami J.Crew $75
Bag Anthropolgie $129
The CUTEST Gladiator Sandals ever $120
Aviator Sunglasses Martin and Osa $130
Skinny Orange Belt Martin and Osa $24.95
Earrings Charlotte Russe $4.00

Charlotte Russe Homepage Banner

Dress Love

Dresses I Love

A small taste of my wish list, sigh.
Have a great weekend!

Summer Romance


Pink Shirt Dress French Connection SALE was $128/ $39.99
(go to sale section/dresses)
Summer must-haves at French Connection!

Pink Flats Piperlime $98
Artist Tote Anthropologie $68
Charm Necklace Nest Pretty Things $32

Nautical Chic

nautical chic

I am a true sucker for anything beachy.. So when I found this darling bracelet at Ruche
I had to find an outfit to go with it.

White Shorts J.Crew $32
Dolman Sleeve T-Shirt American Apparel $32
Belt J.Crew $29.50
Nautical Charm Bracelet Ruche $13.99
Espadrille Skimmer Kate Spade $146
Straw Tote Spiegel $39

Pink Summer

Pink Summer

Does anyone else out there still watch The Bachelorette?
I know, I know it is awful, I can't believe I still watch. I don't even like it.
But that Wes, wow he is a terrible person, really!! Don't know
how or why he thinks going on national television and being a jerk
will help him sell music??
Sorry that my rant for the day, have a good one :)

Denim Skirt Gap $54.50
Tank Top Gap $19.50
Pink Purse Kate Spade (oh how I love Kate) $295
Pink Flip Flips J.Crew $225
Pink Ring Tillys $2.97
Earrings Forever 21 $3.80

Out on the town

Out on the town

Chandelier Earring Juicy Earrings Nordstrom $88.00
Platform Pumps Nine West Piperlime $49.00
9 Piece Bangle Set Belly Dance Maternity $36.00
Clutch Purse Ruche $27.99
Ruffle Dress Charlotte Russe $26.99 less 20%
Charlotte Russe is celebrating the 4th of July with 20% to 50% off the entire site 7/1 thru 7/6.


Beachy Living


Living Room Photo Collage, purchase information on side bar.
Happy 4th!! Have a great weekend!

The pool party

4th of July Pool Party
I hope you all have fun plans for your 4th of July Weekend!
If you are going to a pool party, this might inspire your attire.
I will probably post a final outfit for the weekend tomorrow.
But if I don't have a wonderful holiday weekend.
Thanks for all your kind emails and comments they really make my day :)

Dress Modcloth $52.99
Wedge Sandals White House Black Market $49.99
Swim Suit Old Navy $25
Pearl Earrings White House Black Market $20.40
Bangles White House Black Market $24.99

The Parade

4th July Parade

One of my favorite things about the 4th is the parade. It is so nostalgic.
It just takes you back to being a kids doesn't it?
So if your going to the parade, and you really do need to go, you'll need something to wear right??

Charlotte Russe Dress $24.99 and 20% off :)
Charlotte Russe is celebrating the 4th of July with 20% to 50% off the entire site 7/1 thru 7/6.
American Eagle Sandals $34.50
Earrings Anthropologie $9.95
Sun Hat Lands End $49.50