Winter Work

winter work

I got an email from Katherine "Hi Katherine" .
She lives in the north were you guys get real winters, and asked for some colder weather sets.
So for those of you in the cold winter states/countries. I say layer layer layer.
Bulky sweaters aren't the answer they aren't very flattering on most people.
Instead buy thinner wool sweaters and blazers, long sleeve t-shirts, and scarves.
I love scarves they look great and add instant warmth.
You can modify any outfits I feature here by adding a scarf, boots, long sleeve t-shirt or a jacket.

Gap Pants $70
T-shirt J.Crew $25
Sweater Gap $60
Boots Piperlime $89
Skinny Belt Forever 21 $4.80
Handbag Target $30
Scarf Forever 21 $7.80
Earrings Target $30

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Annie said...

I about died that the handbag is from Target! $30 - What! I think I need one! I live where it's cold and I totally agree - scarf it up!