Holiday Gifts For The Little Men In Our Lives


Kell said...

i love the little superhero set! that is too cute :) luckily for me i have a whole gaggle of little cousins who are all girls! haha.. the boys are still too little to care what they get for christmas - so i might be referring back to this post in a year or two!


Annie said...

Thank you for sharing! I have a wild man that is 2 at my house & he will love so many of these items! He's obsessed with flashlights so finger flashlights here I come!

Annie said...

I got your note & you are very welcome! I love your blog! I seriously live in the middle of nowhere where I drive a minimum of 30 minutes to even reach a Kohls - so fashion tips are very helpful for me - and the prices are great! Thank you for sharing them with us so we can look fabulous as well!!

The Hunnicutts said...

My little guy will love that finger flashlight, too!

Sylvia Borgo - San Diego Family Photographer said...

Thank you! thank you! Thank you! I still need to shop. Superhero outfit - yes!

Jessica Nichols said...

Fingertip flashlights! Yes, score! Thanks for helping me with a stocking stuffer.

We have that IKEA swing! I blogged about it here:

I think I use it more than my little man does, it is really relaxing. :)

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today!

VJ said...

Great ideas!! I love the "super hero in a box"! I had to order one. It will make a perfect gift especially when paired with one of my favorite kids' books: Dex, The Heart of a Hero (! =)

Thanks again for the wonderful ideas!!

nic said...

Thanks for sharing great shopping really helps put things together!


nic said...

Thank you for all the great ideas! They really help during the holidays..when we have so little time!!