Fall Porch Look For Less

Fall Porch

I am a HUGE sucker for Fall and Halloween.
I think it has a lot to do with the fact my Birthday
is in October. Fall is so gorgeous and cozy too (not so much here).
But we lived in Michigan for five years and I miss those
beautiful Autumns.

So saying all this, I get really into fall decorations.
I already have enormous potted mums on my porch,
and I am on the hunt to finish the look.
Well I found this photo in the Pottery Barn
catalog/website and thought it would be perfect.
However; I love a deal and wanted to see if I could do
the same look for less. I discovered I could and
I thought you all might like to see it too...
I hope you like it as much as I do.

Pottery Barn Leaf Garland $24
(theirs is 60" and the cheapest)
Lantern 17" Ikea $15
Lantern 11" Ikea $6.99
Candles Ikea $9.99
Lighted Grapevine Pumpkins Target 17" $30
Grapevine Pumpkin Target 8" $9.99
Urns Lowes $40
The urns you can use all year, pot evergreens in them after Thanksgiving.
Then flowers in the spring/summer.
2 Crows Oriental Trading Company $14.99
Decorative Pumpkins, Micheal's,Hobby Lobby, or your local craft store.
Now if any of you actually do this, you have to send me pictures okay?

this is a little different then my normal posts so if you like it
please leave a comment and maybe I will do it again!


Taylor & Krisa said...

LOVE this post!! Keep 'em coming. I'm so in the fall mood and ready to decorate my porch, too!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Love this new twist! Great ideas for decorating. I especially am interested in checking out those lanterns from Ikea at such a good price. Hope to see more like this idea in the future.


Jenny Lynn said...

Love it!! I would definitely love to see more of this :)

Michelle and Heath said...

i LOVE this!!!! I can use all the decorating help I can get!! Thanks for posting! :)

The Hunnicutts said...

I'm not a huge pumpkin/fall fan, but I love the idea of posts like this. Keep em' coming!

Life In Japan said...

I love all of the home decorating posts you do and would love to see more!

lisa said...

Love it!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Amy T. said...

Love ideas like this! I'd love to see some holiday decorating ideas for inside too. Like a themed mantle or table display for less.

Anonymous said...

I love decorating ideas and enjoyed your personal take on it all. More please.