Don't we?

don't we?
Modern Mom's do Rock.
We juggle work, families,husbands, and households.
Then we still find time to look great.
Well you want to look great at least right?
Looking good has a large impact on your success, happiness, relationships, etc.
If you look better you feel better and that will effect every aspect of your life.
So modern Mom, take a few extra minutes everyday and give your self the gift of looking like you rock.
At least fake it no one else will know, I promise;).

Moms Rock T-Shirt $28
White Long Sleeve T-shirt Old Navy $15
Distresses Jeans Old Navy $35

Conductor Cap Target $9.99
Ruffled Ballet Flat Payless Shoes $22.99
Fringe Bag Meet Marc $32.00
Flower Petal Earrings $4.80


Julyssa Schenk said...

LOVE it!!! I'm gonna have to get on the ball, cause most of your other stuff is all gone :( great work!

leslie said...

Hi Jennifer -I am back home -I have to go away this weekend but will get your prints done next week (i hope)!!! I will email you when I get it together!