Pink Summer

Pink Summer

Does anyone else out there still watch The Bachelorette?
I know, I know it is awful, I can't believe I still watch. I don't even like it.
But that Wes, wow he is a terrible person, really!! Don't know
how or why he thinks going on national television and being a jerk
will help him sell music??
Sorry that my rant for the day, have a good one :)

Denim Skirt Gap $54.50
Tank Top Gap $19.50
Pink Purse Kate Spade (oh how I love Kate) $295
Pink Flip Flips J.Crew $225
Pink Ring Tillys $2.97
Earrings Forever 21 $3.80

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cara said...

I love this whole look! I am new to your blog and really like your style.