Peace Love and Boyfriend Sweaters

So we have talked about how these long tops are great for short-waisted people.
They are also slimming on the rest of us, if they are not tight!
If they are tight it will have the opposite effect.
I love these long sweaters, my boyfriend cardigans are some of my favorite pieces.

Skinny cropped Jeans American Eagle $39.95
Button Front Boyfriend Sweater Vest Old Navy $24.50
Peace Bracelet Couture Candy $60
Silhouette Pendant $60
Pebble Beach Wedge Modcloth $27.99
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leslie said...

Thank you for your comment today! And this is the cutest outfit -love it!

fresh365 said...

I'm really liking this one! The sweater is cute and I think this would be prefct for fall!