Oh do I need Yoga...


These next two weeks are going to be very busy.
Kids are home with me for summer, which just started for them.
So we have our daily trips to beach, free summer matinees, etc.
My design class is coming to an end, two tests and an actual design project due.
Plus work! I love it all, and can't really complain.
But I will be a happy lady August 6th, when we head on a
mini vacation to Las Vegas.

In the mean time I need yoga!!

Chakra Tank Athleta $49
Yoga Shorts Athleta $34
Mat Athleta $22
Stainless Steel Water Bottle Pottery Barn sale $6.99
Tote Bag Old Navy Sale $4.99


Beachbrights said...

Can you put together an outfit that makes us look 10lbs skinnier? Then I would not need yoga, ha!


leslie said...

i need yoga too! actually any exercise would be good at this point!
happy summer and hope life does not get too crazy!