A little Workout

a little run

So I have to tell you I am not the fittest person out there.
But I do try and get some exercise in everyday. It is great for the
creative juices, your self esteem and your body.
But of course I believe you should look cute while exercising!
If you have a cute workout set, it will help motive you to exercise, no?

I found these super cute Dolphin shorts at Target so soft, great length.
Lots of colors, go look for yourself. They look like high school P.E shorts
and typical Target prices only $12.99

White tank also C9 at Target $14.99


Ipod (I have to listen to music for walking or running what about you?)

Hairbands Athelta $8.00

Cute Water Bottle very important to stay hydrated and those disposable ones
are terrible for the environment! Modcloth $22.99

Have an awesome weekend and thanks for coming by :)


Pretty Neat Designs said...

I agree! If you look cute while working out, you'll enjoy it just a little bit more. Cute shorts!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Thanks for the great ideas. Funny as I just joined a gym after (cough..cough) 30 yrs. I've been going with my two youngest kids (17, & 22) & it's a hoot! They think I'm pretty lame! Need to get a "green" water bottle. Hate filling our landfills with them. Hope your weekend was great?!