Class Reunion

Lisa Class Reunion

It is class reunion season, and you can't just wear anything right?
You need a special outfit that you love and makes you feel confident.
You'll look great, and feel great so you will have a great time!
And that guy that blew you off will see what they missed out on, right ;)?
If you don't have a reunion to go to, this set is perfect for any cocktail party.
And we all need a little black dress, another must have piece.

A blog reader and fellow San Diegan requested a cocktail dress for her 20th reunion.
Lisa I hope you love your set, and it inspires you. Have a wonderful time at your reunion!

Little black dress J.Crew was $98 now $78
Strappy Sandals Banana Republic $140 now $41.97
Pearl Necklace Anthropologie $58
Clutch $16.99

only $195 for a stop them in their tracks set.

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Heather said...

That's the perfect reunion outfit!