Juicy Couture Maternity

Juicy Couture Maternity

So you are expecting and think that is an excuse to dress frumpy?
Not anymore ladies!! Maternity has come a LONG way.
I found this great site Belly Dance Maternity and they carry
Juicy Couture Maternity.
The site also offers free shipping if you spend over $75
code, ship75.
If you haven't tried Juicy Couture not only is it darling but so soft. And
really could it get more comfy?? And trust me when your expecting
comfort is essential.
Now I don't want this post to start any rumors like last time.
I assure you it isn't for me :)

Green Juicy Couture Maternity Hoodie Belly Dance Maternity $98
Green Juicy Couture Maternity Pants Belly Dance Maternity $88
Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag Belly Dance Maternity $167
Buddha Belly Maternity Top Belly 9 $25 ( these make awesome gifts )
Gold Bangle Bracelets Belly Dance Maternity $36
Hot Mama Book Belly Dance Maternity $10.95
Havaianas Gap $18
ELF Nail Polish Eyes Lips Face $1.00

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Kristi Lamar said...

Love it!! And it's in green!