We wear short shorts...

Shorts Part 1

Well ladies it is short season!
I thought I'd give a couple of tips about the different short lengths available to you.

3 inch are the best if you have wonderful young legs.
They lengthen the leg, keep that in mind if you have short or long legs.

5 inch these are my favorite. Long enough to cover your upper thighs still really lengthen the leg.

7 inch great for all most everyone appropriate for 50+ and teens. Good for any leg length and hide upper thigh problems.

10 inch these are best for people with long legs. Then tend to shorten the leg. This length is appropriate for some work environments they even sell this length in suit separates.
If you have short legs, either wear a wedge heel or avoid this length.

My personal favorite is the 5 inch and my favorite place to buy my shorts is J.Crew they are a little more then Old Navy but they fit really well and look great for years.

I will do some short outfits later this week to check back!


Jacqueline said...

I love shorts! These are great info! I usually wear 3 or 5 inch ones. :) Have a lovely merry happy day!

Lynn said...

This is great advice! Now I'm just waiting for the sun.

Sylvia Borgo Photography said...

My fave shorts are my J.Crew canvas shorts. Worth every penny. I went through a 5 inch phase, but I think I'm back to 3 inch.

Mariss said...

I love the tips! I think I have to move to the 5 and 7 inch now ;)