I am inspired...

I recently finished a blogging class run by Holly of Decor 8 if for some crazy reason you haven't seen her blog please go look you will love it!!
The class was a great experience and I learned a lot about blogging and myself !
It actually motivated me to sign up for a new design class this summer at my near by community college.

While in this class I was introduced to a lot of very talented bloggers. I wanted to share with you a handful of blogs I am inspired by:

DomestiKatedLife this sweet blog is written by Kate. She writes about interior design and reality T.V. It is a fun blog to read if you follow the Real Housewives or The Hills.

acreativemint this blog is so soothing. Leslie is an interior designer, architect and artist ( I think she is good at everything). I seriously can't wait till she starts selling her art and photography.

Inkonmyfingers this photography blog is written by Susannah Conway. It is stunning. She also teaches an online photography course. She also has a great etsy shop, seriously go look!

DressDesignDecor a wonderful mix of fashion and interior design. Daniella is a girl after my own heart. One of my favorite recent posts yellow meet coral

Gathering Spriggs a gorgeous blog written my Heather Thompson of Nashville. She actually wrote a post for Mother's Day gifts today and well... I bought the floral bag and not for my mom :) . Take a peek you'll love her blog!


Heather S Thompson said...

Thanks for the shout out Jennifer. I am going to add you to my blog roll. You are so sweet and creative. I love what you've done with Polyvore.

leslie said...

Thank you Jennifer!!! You are now my go to for wardrobe inspiration! I too love what you are doing with Polyvore...keep it up!!! I am thrilled to be on your list -you have really really made my day.

Daniella said...

Aw, thank you! That's so awesome of you for the shout out... made me smile!

Sylvia Borgo Photography said...

Thanks for the list. I'm going to check these sites out.