Interior Projects and Family Room Before and After

Most of the people that have taken the survey have asked for more interior design posts. I do spend the majority of my days designing, shopping, hunting, and working on interior design projects.
I will try and give updates on that more frequently from now on, maybe once a week. If you don't live here and what some help with an interior project. I can do a virtual redesign very easily! I can help you pick paint colors, shop for accessories, you name it :) Email me for more info.
I design real rooms for real families on realistic budgets!

A virtual design will look something like this, but it will be your actual room. I can tell you more about this actual project later.

Here is a before and after of an actual family room I redesigned.
The first two photos are before:

We added a built in, new mantle, crown molding, painted walls, purchase a new rug, some photography, a new mirror, curtains and hardware and accessories for the room.

Somethings I 'd still like for this family room are a new black pedestal end table and a new lamp.


Jacqueline said...

WOW the after design is gorgeous...the room looks soo cozy and comfy now! Your work is wonderful! Thank you for sharing..hope your having a good weekend! Love to you!

Kelly said...

Hi Jennifer! I am from the blog class and wanted to say hi! I love the after. It looks much more cozy and put together.

Danielle said...

The room looks great. Such a transformation. i'm totally in love with your couch.

Jennifer said...

Thanks that is my clients couch :)