Happy Earth Day

Earth Day

So it is Earth Day and time to think about what we can do
to Celebrate our amazing planet.
I am not the "greenest" person out there,
but I have really been trying to change a little at a time
and let me tell you it feels awesome!
Here are some of the things we do as a family:

Use as many "green" cleaning products as possible.
My Favorite Favorite is Mrs. Meyers Geranium.
I purchase the all purpose cleaner. Our house smells so
fresh and clean after I use it, not chemically.
They have free shipping today :)!
If you want to clean "green" easier Walmart sells these
Green Works products. I bet your local grocer does too.

Speaking of Grocer, we don't use paper or plastic anymore.
I keep our reusable bags in the back of my van and they come with me
everywhere. These great sites sell tons of bags. But again
they are also available at grocery stores, drug stores, super centers, etc.

Our most recent change has been to the new compact florescent bulbs.
Which can be purchased anywhere. They use 75% less energy
(more money for clothes).

We pack a lunch for my kids everyday we don't
"brown bag" it though. They use fabric insulated lunch
bags. Little boxes like these for their sandwiches, and
Rubbermaid containers for snacks. We also use plastic or
stainless refillable water bottles
. Yes, these things cost a little more
but think about how much you'll save in baggies, and disposable bottles of water.

One thing I do that isn't for everyone is my clothes line.
I love it and use it as much as possible. It isn't always convenient
and is a little tougher to get used to then the others. But your clothes will
last longer, smell yummy and you gas bill will improve
(that new pair of shoes?).

My last and FAVORITE thing we do as a family is our CSA
Community Supported Agriculture. We buy from a local farm
the produce is super fresh and organic. You have to be willing to
eat a wide variety and somethings you may not normally purchase.
I love it so much. Our produce lasts up to four weeks, I know it is pesticide
free and I am supporting a local farm. And guess what? They are everywhere,
even Wyoming has a few. So look into it! At the very least go to your Farmers
Market. The Local Harvest site has CSA's and Farmers Markets listed.

Okay so tell me what do you and your family do, what can I learn from you?

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Sylvia Borgo Photography said...

Excellent ideas Jennifer! We also made the switch to fluorescent light bulbs about 3 years ago. We run the dishwasher & our front loading washing machine (uses less water)/dryer during "off peak" hours to conserve energy. We always use both sides of paper. My kids scribble on it, or I use it to complete my rough drafts while designing albums.