Bedtime Fashion

Bedtime Fashion

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I think you should go to bed looking cute, don't you?
Here are three affordable and stylish sets for bed.
The Slippers are a splurge but they are 50% off :)

Orange Hoodie Old $19.50
Navy Fish Pants Old $16.50
Sweet Dreams Set Bath and Body Works $16.50 ( My daughter got this for Christmas, it is great we all love it. It works!)
White Tank Old Navy $8.50
Printed Lounge Pants Old $16.50
Stress Relief Candle Bath and Body Works $10.50
Stripped Capris Old $15.00
Scoop Neck T Old $10.00
Lavender Sleep mask $20.00
Kate Spade ZZZ slippers Nordstrom $43.90 ( were $88.00 and you wear them every night so cost per wear they are a good value)


Mindy said...

Love this...I love cute jammy outfits :O) Great idea!

Courtney said...

I love Old Navy PJ pants. So, so comfy. And that is a great deal for those slippers. Very cool.

Sylvia said...

This post puts me in a very happy place. I love pjs

Hettle said...

I just think it's fantastic that all your choices are reasonable priced, very thoughful! I am now in search of those Old Navy PJ pants!

Thanks for Posting on my Blog Hettle, I am loving this e-course:)