Stylish Yoga Have a Great Weekend


Yes, you can look great at the gym too!
Really, you'll feel better and have more energy.
And be more motivated to go, since you have the cutest outfit there.

Old Navy has a fun Spring Athletic selection
Yoga Pants Old Navy $19.50
Racerback Tank Old Navy $10.00
Hoodie Old Navy $19.50
Pink printed Yoga Mat Old Navy $14.50
Flip Flops Old Navy $4.50

Tote Victoria's Secret $24.50
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Hair Band $5.00

Thank you all for the great comments,emails,and in person nice things you've said about my new blog! Please come back on Monday for the start of another stylish week.

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Sylvia Borgo said...

I just bought those Old Navy pants. I love them. So great for the upcoming Earth Day!