San Fran

My Friend Jodie gets a date night with her husband up in San Francisco this week!
She requested an outfit for the occasion.
Jodie, I hope it inspires you!

Low Rise Boot Cut Jean, Gap $69.50
Canvas Jacket, J.Crew $98.00 (sale)
T-shirt, J.Crew $32.50
Patent Denim Belt, J.Crew $35.00
Scarf, Old Navy $12.50
Peep Toe Shoes, Target $24.99
Pink Clutch, Forever 21 $8.50

If you own a children's boutique or you are a children's clothing designer (or know one) ; Check back tomorrow we are running a free photo shoot/styling contest.

1 comment:

Sylvia Borgo Photography said...

Oh! How cute! This look is exactly my style. Classic, clean, comfortable. That pink clutch - must get it!

Jennifer, I love how you combine colors! You stylish girl, you!