Summer Hats

Not only are these hats super fashionable. They help protect your face from sun damage/aging.
So get a cute hat and take it everywhere with you this summer.
The first group are Metallic Linen Caps from Nordstrom. The second two are from Forever 21, all available on line.

Style your Parties

I went to a great Mom's Night out for my daughters 2nd grade class last night.
The wonderful mother that planned the night knows that it is all in the details. She made sure we were all amazed by her thoughtfulness, attention to details and planning.
One really fun thing she did was Photofetti. She took pictures of every child in the class and ordered confetti with their sweet little faces. Then she decorated the table with it...
I had to share because it is such a simple detail that really added a lot to the evening. I will definately be using that business myself in the near future.

Shop Local

Okay so with the gas prices, food prices on the rise and pesticides I have finally done something about it... Well for my family at least.
We joined a local CSA, use this link to find one in your area.
We will now be purchasing all our produce from a local organic farm. I will have to get a little more creative, as we will be getting beets and other goodies like that. But it will force us to eat better, my kids will not be ingesting pesticides, and purchasing locally the prices will not be as effected by the HORRIBLE (almost $5.00) gas we have been hit with in Southern California.
I have ordered other goodies from the Local Harvest site. You should check out all the wonderful things you can buy, lavender, tea, honey, flowers. It is a pretty cool resource!!


Necklaces are very personal things. And if you have a certain piece or two that you always wear, they become part of you, and kinda of absorb your energy, make sense?
I have two necklaces I almost always wear. The first , I received, from a dear friend, when I graduated from college in 1995. It is kind of part of me. The other necklace ,is a small gold locket. It was given to me by two of my very favorite people in the world, my maternal grandparents, when I was baptized. So your jewelry doesn't NEED to be the latest, trendiest, or hot of the run way. It more special when it means something and has almost become part of you.
On the flip side of this if you have any jewelry sitting around with bad vibes here is a great place to get rid of it Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry.

Shopping Bags

I LOVE all the new reusable shopping bags don't you? It feels good to make some difference no matter how small. So in that spirit her are some great bags I have seen around.
These bags are from
The mesh ones are very European, aren't they?
They have so many great bags to choose from.
So go grocery shopping, to the library, or even the mall save the environment and look chic doing it!!


Look at this great mat, made of left over flip flops material. Perfect for adding some summer to your front door.
This pitcher set screams summer, doesn't it?
It matches my front yard ;). Both can be found at the ecoliving website Viva Terra.