Style your Straw Bag

One of my biggest inspirations is magazines. I LOVE them, I get every subscription, I have a little obsession. The mail days I get a magazine, I get so excited.
This months Country Living was no exception.
I just had to make one of the bags on the cover, so today I did. Now I have a perfect beach/farmer's market bag.
What inspires you?

Jean Jackets

One of my FAVORITE clothing items of all time... Denim jackets. Seriously they can complete the look, if worn correctly. They are perfect for spring and cool summer nights.
So you say, hey I already have one of those! But I have to tell you, try it on and look in the mirror. Do the shoulder seams line up with the tip top of your arm? What is the wash? Is it fitted or oversized? These are the ways you can tell if the jacket is flattering or outdated.
It should fit on the snug side, but not dig into you :). The wash should not be acid :( or super super light. If you have any doubts take a picture and email me jennifer(at) I will let you know.

Fashion Friday, Date Night

So you have a date night? Lucky girl. Date nights are SOO important in keeping a good relationship strong. It is very important that you spend time on each other, and not focus all your energy on your jobs and children.
So make sure your significant other know you appreciate these nights! Make sure you get a little dressed up!! Don't wear a ratty old sweatshirt and tennis shoes.
I have picked out some cute outfits that would be great for a summer date night. Dinner and a movie or dinner and dancing. How cute are they? The white jeans go with the top of course. And both of these outfits would be darling with some hoop earrings and wedge sandals wouldn't they?
So where are your favorite date nights?

Style for the Pool and Beach

UGG Swimsuit season is upon us!!
I have found some darling numbers to share. Now one of these will surely work for you!
They come from Boden and Athleta.
The Athleta suits I have recommended to clients. And they are GREAT quality suits with great support! Even that bikini top has great support, who would have thought. If you are self conscious about your bum, then those shorts are so great!! I personally own the purple suit, it is very flattering.
The pieces are sold individually so you can mix and match and buy the perfect one for your body type.The ruffled top is from
Boden I have ordered MANY items from and everything has been wonderful quality and super cute!!
Oh and don't forget a darling cover-up (Boden too)!!
Have you found a great suit somewhere? Please leave a comment and share a link or information. Our if you have a question about the suit for your body type, ask away!!

Style Your Feet

The things that are great about shoes:
1. Even if you are having a "fat day" your shoes still fit
2. You can still shop for them when you are pregnant. Even when it feels like you can't shop for anything else that is cute.
3. They can completely change your outfit (sometimes that is bad too)
4. You don't have to be a model size, shoes look good on everyone.
5. Considering *cost per wear , they are one of the best items you own
* Cost per wear is the price of the item divided by the about of times you wear it + any maintenance cost (polish, repair, etc)

Today while I was running arrands I feel in love with these (above), they are from the Gap. They are calling my name. Metallic Linen Ballet Flats with a ruffle, does it get any cuter then that?
What about you, how is your summer shoe shopping going?

Green Style, Fashion Friday

The biggest trend everywhere is the "green" trend. It is my personal favorite trend. Finally it is cool to do something that is also good ? Crazy!
For this "Fashion Friday" I'd like to highlight this company re:made. They make dresses, skirts, bags and jewelry (my favorite)! I just purchased a bracelet and I love it. And their packaging is also super clever, shredded fabric. So sweet.

Here is what they have to say about their products:

"Each re:made creation is completely unique and made from materials with a former life. As such each item contains its own wonderful set of slight imperfections, discolorations, and wear due to its previous life. This is normal and is part of the beauty that is re:made- giving new life to an old product. Personally selected, original designs, ecological sustainability and handcrafted precision are just a few of the factors that make your re:made item more than a piece of clothing, it’s a work of art.

Our guarantee to you: there are no two re:made items that are exactly alike."

So please, go check them out already!

Style Your Smell

Another accessory I think women and men tend to overlook is their fragrance. When you smell nice people will notice. It is a way of showing your detail oriented and care about the way your look. It will also make you feel better, more polished and pulled together. Just remember do NOT overdo it. One spray is all you need!
For everyday some of my
favorite women's light fragrances include:
L'Aromarine Vanille and Philosophy's Grace.
If you are new to this a great place to shop and get to smell a good variety of different fragrances at super affordable prices is Bath and Body Works.

Yellow Style

Color Color Color is one of the most talked about trends for Spring and Summer 08.
One color that really seems to be everywhere is YELLOW.
And it can be worn by everyone you just have to buy the right shade for your skin.
Some generic rules:
Blondes w/dark eyes: Warm Dark yellows, stay away from pastels
Blondes w/light eyes: Glowing warm yellow, think school bus.
Those of us with a blue undertone: Pastel yellows are perfect for you!
If you have any doubt you can get one that is a print like my friend here.

Fashion Friday

My first Fashion Friday features this DARLING bag.
For spring and summer some big trends are handmade, vintage, gypsy. This bag encompasses all these trends . And isn't it Fabulous?

Style Your Toes

We are heading into the Spring and Summer months. So there are going to be lots of toes peeking out from cute flip flops and sandals. If you are wearing sandals you should have cute painted toes. Painting your toes is a simple thing to do, and it makes you look more polished and pulled together.
Here are some nail polish great shades that look great on most people.
OPI- I'm really not a waitress ( red in real life)
OPI- Argenteeny Pinkini
OPI- She Sells Sushi By the Seashore ( so cute, no?)
OPI has a great feature on their site. You can see the polish with your skin tone.

Style Your Closet

Getting your closet organized and attractive is one way to help you get more focused on your wardrobe and how you look day to day.
Ideally you should set a day aside for TOTAL organization. I will personally do this and photograph the process. Then post it here in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back.
But for now here is a smart tip to get you started.
On the wall behind your clothing hand hooks for belt/scarf even handbag storage.
photo source better homes and gardens