Style Your Smell

Another accessory I think women and men tend to overlook is their fragrance. When you smell nice people will notice. It is a way of showing your detail oriented and care about the way your look. It will also make you feel better, more polished and pulled together. Just remember do NOT overdo it. One spray is all you need!
For everyday some of my
favorite women's light fragrances include:
L'Aromarine Vanille and Philosophy's Grace.
If you are new to this a great place to shop and get to smell a good variety of different fragrances at super affordable prices is Bath and Body Works.


One Wired Woman said...

Okay... I may just have to try "Grace" because I'm in need of a new fragrance. I love your blog! I often need someone to give me this kind of "hip" advice. :) ~Jill

abbegail said...

Hey! I just found your blog & am looooving it! I Am reading back posts & see this. Do you think we should wear a different scent for day & night? I wear the same scent all the time...oh, is that a perfume faux paus?! I am almost embarrassed to tell you what it is because maybe it is an older lady scent & I am mid (ok, upper!) 30's - it is COCO CHANEL MADEMOISELLE...ah, I love it! To tell you the truth, it brings back memories of my grandmother who led a very bohemian life, living all over the world, Her one constant was COCO CHANEL Eau de Parfum. I keep her bottle, half full, purchased in Paris, in its beautiful square bottle, on my dressing table!