Style Your Feet

The things that are great about shoes:
1. Even if you are having a "fat day" your shoes still fit
2. You can still shop for them when you are pregnant. Even when it feels like you can't shop for anything else that is cute.
3. They can completely change your outfit (sometimes that is bad too)
4. You don't have to be a model size, shoes look good on everyone.
5. Considering *cost per wear , they are one of the best items you own
* Cost per wear is the price of the item divided by the about of times you wear it + any maintenance cost (polish, repair, etc)

Today while I was running arrands I feel in love with these (above), they are from the Gap. They are calling my name. Metallic Linen Ballet Flats with a ruffle, does it get any cuter then that?
What about you, how is your summer shoe shopping going?


miss chris said...

Oh. I love those.

And you know me. My summer shoes are coming along swimmingly, thankyouverymuch. ;)

Making it lovely (SP) said...

They are absolutely lovely, so full of spring:-)
I live in Singapore (I am from Sweden) and here we have summer all year around. Take care