Style for the Pool and Beach

UGG Swimsuit season is upon us!!
I have found some darling numbers to share. Now one of these will surely work for you!
They come from Boden and Athleta.
The Athleta suits I have recommended to clients. And they are GREAT quality suits with great support! Even that bikini top has great support, who would have thought. If you are self conscious about your bum, then those shorts are so great!! I personally own the purple suit, it is very flattering.
The pieces are sold individually so you can mix and match and buy the perfect one for your body type.The ruffled top is from
Boden I have ordered MANY items from and everything has been wonderful quality and super cute!!
Oh and don't forget a darling cover-up (Boden too)!!
Have you found a great suit somewhere? Please leave a comment and share a link or information. Our if you have a question about the suit for your body type, ask away!!


One Wired Woman said...

Love that brown swimsuit!! I just looked at swimsuits today and didn't see anything this cute. Thanks for sharing such great finds!! ~Jill

Hipmomofboyz said...

I just found your blog through onewiredwoman. I too love the OC housewives and I am addicted to Big Brother.
I also tried on swim suits yesterday and that was so painful. I will look into that suits you recommend