Jean Jackets

One of my FAVORITE clothing items of all time... Denim jackets. Seriously they can complete the look, if worn correctly. They are perfect for spring and cool summer nights.
So you say, hey I already have one of those! But I have to tell you, try it on and look in the mirror. Do the shoulder seams line up with the tip top of your arm? What is the wash? Is it fitted or oversized? These are the ways you can tell if the jacket is flattering or outdated.
It should fit on the snug side, but not dig into you :). The wash should not be acid :( or super super light. If you have any doubts take a picture and email me jennifer(at) I will let you know.


One Wired Woman said...

Oh... I love my denim jacket!! I want to email a photo of it on me to get your opinion. Be on the lookout. :) ~Jill

Jennifer said...

I look forward to seeing it :)

restyled home said...

I love my denim jacket, and I love to accessorize the lapel!!