Fashion Friday, Date Night

So you have a date night? Lucky girl. Date nights are SOO important in keeping a good relationship strong. It is very important that you spend time on each other, and not focus all your energy on your jobs and children.
So make sure your significant other know you appreciate these nights! Make sure you get a little dressed up!! Don't wear a ratty old sweatshirt and tennis shoes.
I have picked out some cute outfits that would be great for a summer date night. Dinner and a movie or dinner and dancing. How cute are they? The white jeans go with the top of course. And both of these outfits would be darling with some hoop earrings and wedge sandals wouldn't they?
So where are your favorite date nights?

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One Wired Woman said...

Love those white jeans... I want that exact body too, where can I order that? Hee Hee :) Great ideas! Now, I'm going to go and plan my date night with my hubby. ~Jill