Holiday Shopping Locally in San Diego

One of my favorite places to shop in San Diego is The Headquarters. Not only is it full of lots of  little locally owned boutiques with perfect gifts, 
 there are also yummy, amazing restaurants. 
It is a gorgeous place to hang out as well...especially at night with all the pretty lights.
 It is located in a historic building,  the old police headquarters, in downtown San Diego.
 They even kept some of the jail cells and old mug shots (fun photo ops abound!)

If you live here in America's finest city and you haven't yet visited, you must. 
If you live somewhere else (I'm so sorry ;) Make it a stop on your next visit!


My Annual Gingerbread House Party

I am reposting this from last year. 
If you are interested in hosting your own family-friendly Gingerbread House  party 
check out the entire post from my party last year here. 
It is great fun and easy peezey! 

Age Appropriate Hosiery for your 30's and beyond....

Mini Dots- Oversized Dots or colored dots can be juvenile. 
Lightly Embellished- This pair has a small tasteful cluster of jewels, avoid any overly-embellished! 
Opaque- My personal favorite! In basic neutral colors like black, brown or grey
Fishnet-Like- So this one is tougher... a full-on fishnet tight can easily look cheap if you know what I mean. I love the fishnets that mix other patterns or have a smaller weave. 

One question I receive a lot is about what legwear is interesting yet classy and age appropriate!  My answers are above. Ladies, throw on a dress today and flaunt that fabulous legwear!  Thoughts on a budget for hosiery: You can buy inexpensive hose if you aren't planning on wearing them weekly. The inexpensive pairs will sag and the elastic in the garment will break sooner. If you need something you can wear frequently, it is worth spending a few extra dollars. 

Hand wash your hosiery and NEVER EVER put it in the dryer! 

Mixing business with party

A little Business ( blazer ) mixed with some party ( fringe) makes a delightful outfit!